We have a rich pedigree in the action sports sector. Our operations were founded in 1998 as a single site operator together with operations as a national team building and event management company.

We offered paintballing, archery, climbing (with both a mobile climbing wall and more traditional rock), watersports, motor sports from our fixed woodland venue and on a mobile basis across the country. With many large clients including Guinness, Coca Cola, The Post Office, Pilkington, Skipton Building society as well as other event management and team building companies relying on us.

Demand for our services grew rapidly with an ever increasing number of enquiries both for geographical areas not covered and activities not currently supplied. This was despite the growth of our centrally owned paintball site network which, by 2003, stood at 14 sites across the UK.

Contracting these bookings to third party activity suppliers proved to be the solution and as time progressed our industry partners grew, leading to an informal but national network of activity suppliers that we could use, to mutual benefit, to fulfil our customer enquiries.

It was a natural progression to start formally partnering with venues to build specialist activity networks which we could market under our strong activity specific brands. We do still process bookings for corporate team building days and our founders have interests that remain in the paintball sector. But our main strength and core business is marketing activities utilising the skills and channels we have built over the years and generating thousands of activity participants for our partner venues every single week.